SuperFlow Pendulum Spreaders

More than one million machines sold prove that the Vicon pendulum seeders / spreaders are the first choice wherever the demand is for maximum accuracy in fertiliser application. Spreading quality and ease of operation of these unique machines are unequalled - now as in the past. The pendulum movement of the spout ensures that the application rate is always identical on both sides. This results in an excellent overlap. 

RotaFlow RO Series Disc Spreaders

The name RotaFlow describes the Vicon spreading system; the fertiliser granules are already rotating when they reach the spreading vanes. This initial smooth acceleration of the fertiliser prevents fragmentation of the granules due to impact with the vanes. The adjustable discharge point allows adaptation of settings of the physical fertiliser properties. Due to the gentle handling of the fertiliser the spreading characteristics of the product are maintained. The RotaFlow spreading system is designed for the optimal spreading result.

Spreading Charts App

With the Vicon spreading charts Application you can make it even easier to setup your Vicon  fertiliser spreader. The spreading charts App will give you direct access to the most up to date results of specialised testing and fertiliser experience. In just some steps, the App guides you to the right settings for your Vicon fertiliser spreader, anytime, anyplace, anywhere for almost all commonly used fertiliser types.

Vicon spreading charts Apps are available for free through Apple’s App Store and the Google play store - click on the logos above to download the FREE App.