RV5116 Rotor Feed

New Net Wrapping – Simplified – Higher Speed

The RV 5000 series comes with the new patented Vicon PowerBind net wrap system. This completely redesigned system has been simplified enabling a significant reduction in elements needed, with feed rollers having been completely eliminated. Additionally the PowerBind provides one of the fastest net wrap actions available - minimum downtime and maximum time baling. The net is fed directly into the bale chamber by an injection arm in a flat movement angle to keep the net tight at all times providing accurate and reliable net injection. There is no interference from external factors such as wind and crop.

The net is constantly retained by the injection arm, and when the bale is 90% complete the injection arm moves forward, ready for the net injection. Vicon PowerBind is one of the fastest net wrapping solutions available today, adding more uptime. In addition PowerBind offers very low loading height, for maximum convenience and time saving. To replace the empty roll, just swing out the shaft and replace it with a new one.



“Our new groundbreaking net wrap is a fantastic improvement which adds the benefit we were looking for. We have managed to keep the low position of net roll, highly important for easy change of roll, but at the same time we have added a simplified and more reliable solution for the net injection” says Tim Comer, Product Director at Kverneland Group Ravenna.

  • Rotor Feed Intake System
  • Large 2.2m wide 5 tyne bar pick-up
  • PowerBind direct injection net wrap system
  • NEW Parallelogram hydraulic drop floor for superior unblocking
  • Intelligent density 3D multi chamber bale density control 
  • Easy and simple loading of net wrap
  • Central Greasing System






RV 5116 RotorFeed
Weight & Dimensions  
Length (m) 4.48
Width  (m) 2.52
Height (m) 2.70
Weight (kg) 2840
Bale Chamber   
Diameter min (m)  0.80
Diameter max (m) 1.65 
Width (m)  1.20
Bale formation  5 belts + 3 rollers 
Belt width (mm)  220
Working width (cm) 200
Tine rows (nb)  5
Tine spacing (mm) 60 
Pneumatic gauge wheels  standard
Powerfeed rotor standard
Tellus GO  standard
Hydraulic outlets 1SA+1DA
Wheels and Axles  
Reversible drawbar standard
PTO (rpm) 540
Min power requirements (kW/hp) 45 /64

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