Vicon RV5116 & RV5216

Both models offer intelligent baling, with a clean raking 2.2 m, 5 tine bar pickup, a choice of intake and a programmable multi-chambered bale density system. 

The 2 models provide for bale diameters between 0.60m and 1.65m. The bale diameter is easily adjusted through the control terminal.

The RV5200 series comes with userfriendly ISOBUS compatibility. 

At the heart of these balers is their ability to save time. For instance, the PowerBind Net Wrap System has one of the fastest net wrap actions available. It has proven accurate and reliable, and has the ability to extend the net beyond the edge of the bale, allowing a perfect wrap every time. 

Setting and selecting the correct bale density, according to the crop and its condition, is simple using pre-selected bale settings. Customising bale density is achieved using 3 separate zones to match individual requirements.